MTELP for International Students or temporary residents in Canada or the United States

Getting to Know the MTELP

The updated version of MTELP was migrated to a completely web-based environment. Please check with your universitiy’s admission department about the suitability of a full web-based exam before making an appointment to take our exam. In addition, a significant number of MTELP examinees take it for career purposes, since the MTELP has been increasingly adopted as a standard measure of English proficiency on business contexts since the NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) went into effect, therefore causing an increment of the legal labor force exchange among Canada, the United States, and México after NAFTA’s congressional ratification in 1994.

Paper MTELP versions

We no longer support the use of paper-based versions. Older scores are still available in some institutions, although please note that most English exams have a limited period where they are deemed acceptable, three years being the maximum recommended. Please consult with your university or organizations about the use of older paper exams.

MTELP for career purposes: Most companies accept the newer web-based version

The success of a non-proctored, online MTELP version is based on employers’ assumption that a potential employee would still need to show a consistent level of English proficiency upon hiring as shown in the detailed MTELP English proficiency report. Hence most companies deem unsupervised web-based MTELP scores acceptable. This way, both employers and prospective employees don’t have to wait weeks before knowing the results as it is the case of other popular English tests, since unlike academic admission process, hiring decisions have a much narrower timeframe than that established in academic programs.

Web-based MTELP

If you’re interested in taking the official MTELP exam, please visit here (according to your public IP address, you’re currently located in Mexico, text in Spanish).

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